“A Bushido-Kai Black Belt is not something you wear. It is something you are.”

Quan’s Bushido-Kai Martial Arts has been one of the premier martial arts schools in Central California since it’s opening in 1980.  We have challenged people from all walks of life to look beyond their limitations - to become more than they ever thought possible in their mind, body, and spirit. 

National and world champions have trained on this floor.  They have honed their skills to stand among the elite in the world of martial arts.  The poise and experience that they have gained continues on today as future champions are nurtured and guided to find the best in themselves in the dojo and out.

Quan’s Bushido-Kai Martial Arts is multi-generational.  Young people have grown up to train their own children & grandchildren.  We believe that it is important that we preserve the honor and integrity of the martial arts and of the many martial artists who have passed through these doors and poured out their hearts.  

At Quan’s Bushido-Kai, we only train one way, the way we were taught and the way we will always continue to train.  Some people say that we are too hard and too demanding of our students.  We say that there is no other way.